Sunday, October 19, 2014

Launched IndieGOGO Campaign for Fukushima Kids Hawaii Winter Program

I just launched the IndieGOGO campaign to help Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project 4.  Hope  you can share this site to your friends so that we can reach the goal.

By donating to our campaign, you are helping health and lives of Fukushima children directly and you are also contributing raising awareness of general public about radiation and health (there are a lot of things we can do to enhance our immune power despite the environmental contamination, including radiation, which we will teach Fukushima children).  The respite from radiation exposure is very important and benefitial for the health of the children living in radioactive environment constantly.
  The 12 Fukushima children age 9 to 18 will be coming with 2 chaperons, and their experience in Hawaii will impact rest of their lives as they will be equipped  with the knowledge of Japanese natural healing method and natural food (including how to prepare the food). They will be give Kangen water daily for detox and revitalize.
  We have managed 3 programs so far successfully, with 48 people (32 kids and 12 adults) attended our summer/winter programs (20 people) or stayed at Fukushima Kids Hawaii House(28 people) as of Oct 2014.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Mahalo, mahalo!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fukushima Kids are in Kona

We are as busy as ever with two groups in Kona now. 1 group is group of 5, 4 kids with 1 chaperon. The other is group of 7, 5 children with two mothers from Fukushima.  They are enjoying beautiful Kona at beaches, farmers markets and farms.

Last night we had a welcome potluck party for Fukushima Kids and all the supporters and Fukushima people got together for the first time. Great food by Mayumi Oda and ginger hill farm team and all the participants were shared and enjoyed.

The group 1 will be here until Aug 16 and group 2 until Aug 26. I wish they could stay much longer!!
But they have families waiting in Japan.

Now we need to make more effort to keep our activities alive, yes, fundraising!!

On Aug 10, Aloha Keiki Ensemble has 2nd charity concert to Welcome Fukushima Kids here in Kona.

Aug 10, 3-6pm@Hawaiian Queen Coffee Garden
$20 at the door $15 with reservation by e-mail:

or call Yumi 756-8946

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fundraising Concert for Fukushima Kids Hawaii by Aloha Keiki Ensemble (Vol.2)

Sunday August 10 at 3pm, you are invited to Aloha Keiki Ensemble 2nd Concert to support and welcome Fukushima Kids.  This summer 12 people are coming from Fukushima.

If you make a reservation by e-mail, you will enjoy $5 discount.  Advance Ticket is $15, at the door without reservation is $20.

For reservation please send e-mail to:
with your name, phone and number of tickets.

Here is the flyer.  Please share widely!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fukushima Kids Hawaii Events in California for Raising Awareness and Fund

Yumi here.  I am in California for the whole month of Jun to do two things.

1  To improve my NVC and Connection Practice skills by getting more trainings
2  To raise awareness and funding for Fukushima Kids Hawaii, the mission I am putting my whole heart in.

Below is the list of open-to public events I am speaking and Gen is sharing the Harmonics Healing to cope with more environmental challenges (radiation, chemicals, electro magnetic waves, GMOs.....list goes on).

Hope to see you while we are in California.

      Yumi and Gen’s Schedule in California (Jun 11-29, 2014)

Yumi and Gen from Japan (now in Hawaii) will be speaking on Fukushima children and the health effect of radiation exposure. They are also available for individual health consultations. 

Please call 808-756-8946 or e-mail: for an appointment .

Fort Bragg (Mendocino) Wed. Jun 11, 2:30~5:15@Mendocino (Fort Bragg)
Call 707-964-7085 or e-mail to RSVP

Woodacre (Marin) Fri. Jun 13, 5-8pm@Woodacre (Marin)
Call 415-488-9138 or  e-mail to RSVP

Berkeley Sat. Jun 14 2:30-5:15@Berkely Library West Building
1125 University Ave(x San Pablo St), Berkeley
Bolinas (Marin) Sun. Jun 15 2-5pm (followed by potluck)@Bolinas             Hosted by EON Network   Call 415-868-1900 to RSVP
San Francisco Tue Jun 16 all day for individual health consultation with Yumi & Gen @744 Capital Dr.       Call: 808-756-8946 to make an appointment
Sacramento Wed Jun 18-26 Private session of Empathic Coaching or Private Health Consultation available in the evenings in Sacramento
Open Jun 20-21, 2014 weekend open for Harmonics Healing or Empathic Communication workshop if anyone is interested in organizing in Sacramento or Bay area. Call Yumi:808-756-8946
Los Angeles Sat Jun 28 10-12am: Be Your Own Doctor: Health workshop                 2-4pm: What Can We Do for Fukushima Kids?  Call:626-242-5346 for venue
All the events have no set fee and your donations will support their work for Fukushima Kids Hawaii directly.
Yumi/Gen would like to receive $100 per hour for a private session for health consultation (Harmonics Healing) and open to alternative way of receiving.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Kona Classical Musicians United to Support Children from Fukushima

Wrote an article (press release) below to submit some of the local media in the Big Island. Please share this post to your connection, which is a big support.  Mahalo!

Kailua-Kona, May 12, 2014 -----Urusula Vieltze, a violinist and Annu Shionoya, a pianist, both resident in Kona have been rehearsing their favorite pieces such as Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi for ALOHA-KEIKI Ensemble Premier Concert from 3:00pm on May 25, 2014 at Hawaiian Queen Coffee Garden. Joining the concert are Motter Snell, a harpist from Seattle, who is a part time resident of Kailua-Kona and Yumi Kikuchi, a flutist and co-founder of Fukushima Kids Hawaii, who moved to Kona after the earthquake and nuclear disaster of March 11, 2011 in Japan.

Living and raising children in the still highly radioactive areas of Fukushima is a challenge especially for those parents with babies and young children because they are aware that the younger they are the more susceptible to radiation. Those classical musicians decided to do something with their musical talent to help the children.

There is a disturbing report that 30 children have had their thyroid removed from cancer and 35.8% children have developed thyroid cysts in Fukushima out of about 300,000 children living there today.

Hiromi Suzuki, a mother of two children, Karin, 5-year-old girl and Shuntaro, 3-year-old boy, came to Kona by an invitation of Fukushima Kids Hawaii on March 23, 2014 to be away from radioactive environment as her children have developed thyroid cysts after the disaster. The children saw off their father today at the Keahole International Airport who was visiting them. Mother and children are staying until June 11, 2014. Fukushima Kids Hawaii provides a free shelter for mothers and young children for up to 3 month.

I am just so grateful to be able to let my children play outside without worry. Coming here has given me a new and broader perspective about Fukushima”, Suzuki says.
Ms. Suzuki (left) and her two children and Yumi (right) with Bill Kenoy, the mayor of Hawaii

Annu Shionoya has been playing the piano in many musical scenes on Big Island. Visiting Fukushima and Tohoku area to cheer up people with music after the disaster, she knows seriousness of the problem.  “I want to contribute to the wellbeing of Fukushima children with music. Music is my passion and it can heal and unite people’s heart, too”.

Fukushima Kids Hawaii is a project of ALOHA-KEIKI, 501(c)(3) registered in Honolulu, and run by donations and volunteers. The fund raised by the concert goes to the summer program 2014 of Fukushima Kids Hawaii, inviting 10 children with 2 chaperons for a month from July 20 to Aug 20, 2014. They have been trying to raise money through various community charity events such as ZUMBATHON, garage sale, educational talks and concerts, but haven’t been able to reach the goal of $30,000.  There will be a silent auction with pupus and organic wine at the concert.

Classic music concerts are rare in Kona.  I hope we will be able to entertain the community and attract enough concerned people to join the concert.  We hope to be able to raise awareness of the community and sufficient fund as a result”, Yumi says.

The program includes famous classical music pieces by Faure, Debussy, Tchaikovsky, Sain-Saens and Mozart. Admission is $15 for an adult with a ticket, $20 at the door, free for a child with an adult. 5 tickets are $60 ($12 each) and 10 tickets are $100 and valid for future Aloha Keiki Ensemble Concerts performed quarterly at the same venue.

For tickets, call 334-9616 (Morita)

Fukushima Kids Hawaii (FKH) was established in 2013 by Yumi & Gen Morita, Marian Morigushi (Hawaiian born living in Fukushima) and Mayumi Oda (Goddess artist) to help Fukushima children after the nuclear disaster to give them a break from the radiation exposure. 

More information can be also found here:

Fukushima Kids Hawaii is a project of 
ALOHA KEIKI, 501(c)(3) based in Honolulu
sub-account of Henk and Akemi Rogers Foundation

Monday, April 28, 2014

At Java on the ROCK, may favourite place in Kona

I just posted this photo to JOR Facebook page.  Please go there and vote for me (and Fukushima Kids) as they are doing photo contest.  If you click "like" I get one vote and may win the prize! If I win with your support, I will use it for Fukushima Kids! (click my name below to take you to the link)

I love coming here to have my morning coffee, to watch dolphins and to work on my computer with my feet in the sand. This seem to prevent me from the pain I have in my hands as I am sensitive to electromagnetic waves.
I love coming here to have my morning coffee, to watch dolphins and to work on my computer with my feet in the sand. This seem to prevent me from the pain I have in my hands as I am sensitive to electromagnetic waves.

Today I am working on my flyer (proof reading) for a benefit Concert at Hawaiian Queen Coffee House from 3pm, Sunday May 25 with Mo Snell/harp, Annu Shionoya/Piano and Ursula/Violin.  This is another fundraise for Fukushima Kids Hawaii, a project of ALOHA KEIKI 501(c)(3). 

We want to help the small children and mothers of Fukushima who have been exposed to radiation after the March 11 earthquake and nuclear disaster.  JOR has been supportive of our effort from the start.  Mahalo nui loa, BRUCE, Andrea and team!  

The CONCERT tickets are now for sale for $15 for one, $60 for 5 tickets($12 tickets), $100 for 10 tickets ($10 each). I will be here most of Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Please find me (Yumi) for tickets and flyers if you want to support Fukushima Kids or/and love classic music.  Mo and Ursula are really great musicians. You  will enjoy listening to them (and I also will play flute for the concert). Annu (Piano) will be an accompanist for all of us.

Today I am working on my flyer (proof reading: found a few errors, need to fix) for a benefit Concert at Hawaiian Queen Coffee House from 3pm, Sunday May 25 with Mo Snell/harp, Annu Shionoya/Piano and Ursula/Violin. This is another fundraise for Fukushima Kids Hawaii, a project of ALOHA KEIKI 501(c)(3).

We want to help the children and mothers of Fukushima who have been exposed to radiation after the March 11 earthquake and nuclear disaster. JOR has been supportive of our effort from the start. Mahalo nui loa, Bruce, Andrea and JOR team!

The CONCERT tickets are now for sale for $15 for one, $60 for 5 tickets($12 tickets), $100 for 10 tickets ($10 each). I will be here most of Mondays and Wednesdays.

Please find me (Yumi) for tickets and flyers if you want to support Fukushima Kids or/and love classic music. Mo and Ursula are really great musicians. You will enjoy listening to the unsemble (I will play flute with them). Annu (Piano) will be an accompanist for all of us.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Please Sponsor a Child to Fly from Fukushima to Kona/ A NEW WEBSITE for FUKUSHIMA KIDS HAWAII

We have opened a Fukushima Kids Hawaii House September 2013, a shelter for children (babies) and mothers from Fukushima.  Some children of Fukushima have been exposed to radiation higher than the level of Chernobyl and some have already developed thyroid cancer.

The Fukushima Kids Hawaii House is located in a quiet residential area of Kona and  has 3 bed rooms.  We offer free stay for 3 families (a mother and a child or 2) for up to 3 months. Staying is free for the family and we request a one month or longer stay as our aim is detox and restoration of the health.

But the sad thing is they can not afford to fly to Kona as airfare is more than they can afford. We have more inquiries than we can support (we have been giving $1000 per child to fly here).

If only someone can sponsor a child for the airfare, more children can come and stay at Fukushima Kids Hawaii House.

So, I wonder if you know someone (or can it be you?) who can sponsor a child (or children) flying from Fukushima to Kona?  $1000 to sponsor a child to fly from Japan to Kona.

This is a photo of the children who were staying at Fukushima Kids House in March.
We housed 5 children and 3 mothers last month, we are so happy about our accomplishment (A mother and 2 children are staying till Jun 11).  Those kids are so cute and friendly and I love them all!  They should not be living in the radiation at all.  They deserve to live and grow in healthy environment.

What do you think about our government letting those children live in high (such as 20 mSV/year or more) radioactive area of Fukushima even today?  Our standard before March 11, 2011 was 1 mSV/year. Now the standard is 20 times higher and I can not accept that.

Babies and children are more susceptible to radiation than adults, so until they grow up, they should be living in no or less radioactive area.

Please contact me directly: 808-756-8946 if you are willing to sponsor a child (or children)



I spent 2 days (as I have no clue about web designs etc.) to make Fukushima Kids Hawaii's website using WIX website builder.

It looks quite good I think (for someone who has no experience).  What do you think?

I would love to have support from someone who can help the website and donation button, etc.  I also would like support on launching a crowd funding so that our effort can be more effective for Fukushima Kids!!!

Mahalo for sharing this blog to your friends. That is a big help, too!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Celebration Concert for the Opening of Fukushima Kids Hawaii House, a Shelter for Children and Mothers from Fukushima

Aloha, Kona community. You are invited to participate the potluck and classic concert for Rio, 3 year old girl from Fukushima, who has been staying at Fukushima Kids Hawaii House in Kona, a shelter for pre-school children and mothers from Fukushima.

Bring your favorite dish to share.   No set admission fee but donations are tax deductible through ALOHA KEIKI (a 501(c)(3) organization) and very much appreciated.

RSVP so that we can prepare the seats for you.
756-8946 (Yumi) or e-mail:

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hawaii Montessori Schools Has Become Official Partner of Fukushima Kids Hawaii

I am happy to announce that Hawaii Montessori School in Kona accepted Rio (3 year old) to attend Montessori Kailua Kona school.  She is the 2nd child after Karin, who was here from September to November 2013 and the 1st child accepted, given the scholarship by the school.

It is so important for a young child to have a good education. I want Fukushima Kids to be a bridge between Japan and Hawaii, and this early education opportunity at Hawaii Montessori will touch and influence their life forever, I think.

This is also a great support for the mothers who otherwise do not have their own time to relax, as most of the mothers have been alone taking care of the child(ten) after the disaster.

Miyuk, the mother,i is very happy Rio is starting to attend the school from tomorrow. The challenge is how to send the child to and from school as Miyuki does not drive nor have car.  Gen, my husband, and other mothers, are trying to support when they can,  but it is everyday and not so easy to do.

I am still trying to arrange something from the community. I will talk to my neighbors if anyone can take them to and from the school.

My deep gratitude for Hawaii Montessori Schools for providing such an opportunity for Fukushima children.  Hawaii Montessori Schools are also non-profit and their humanitarian action should be highly recognized and evaluated.

Mahalo mahalo!  Fukushima Kids Hawaii is so blessed.

Another development is that Aloha Keiki, a non-profit based in Honolulu, accepted Fukushima Kids Hawaii as their official project.  So all the donation is now tax deductible.  Your personal check (donation) can be made out to "Aloha Keiki" and sent to: 75-286 Hoene Street, Kailua Kona, HI96740.   Their tax ID (EIN): 203556922

Bank Account: Aloha Keiki
First Hawaiian Bank Checking A/C #01-142569

Thursday, January 23, 2014

ZUMBA Special Lesson (Jason Japan Tour) for Fukushima Kids

Aloha from Kona.  Fukushima Kids Hawaii presents ZUMBA --Jason Special Lesson to support children in Fukushima.

Fukushima Kids Hawaii has been inviting children from Fukushima to Hawaii (big island) for a healthy respite from radiation exposure. So far 18 people (15 children of age 2 to 17) came and spend a great and healing time in Hawaii.

Here is a link in Japanese:


Yumi Kikuchi wrote about it last year October in her blog (in Japanese):
She said, "I will do something totally new, something I have never done before to raise fund and awareness about Fukushima kids".

And this is it!

This March, starting March 10 to 19, Jason, a ZUMBA instructor@Pacific Island Fitness in Kona, will visit Japan for the first time, to instruct us how to dance fun steps of ZUMBA in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Shonan and Chiba.

Jason was born and raised in Kona and has been supportive of Fukushima Kids Hawaii together with another Japanese instructor Naomi, who taught Yumi ZUMBA.

The situation of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is quite critical and no one really knows how and when it is going to be concluded. It still emits radiation into environment daily but not much news about it.  The radiation already in our environment will  be there while we are alive to say the least, so we mean to continue Fukushima Kids Hawaii as long as we live.

People in Japan and Fukushima, in spite of all of what has been going on, give birth, raise children and they LIVE in more radioactive environment than before March 11, 2011.  We want those children live and grow in good health. This strong hope gave a birth to Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project, inviting children from Fukushima to Hawaii to experience a healthy respite from radiation. 

So far, Fukushima Kids Hawaii invited 7 people in summer 2013 for a month, 8 people in winter 2013~14 for 2 weeks, and housed 3 people at Fukushima Kids Hawaii House for 2 months, with children age 2 to 17 (plus chaperons and a mother). This summer 2014, we meant to increase the number of kids to 10 plus 2 chaperons. (this means more funding is needed)

At Fukushima Kids Hawaii House, we are now inviting 3 families (mothers and children) and we are able to support the airfares up to 100,000 yen per child.  Please spread the good news to your connection in Fukushima and around if you know any mothers and children!

The biggest cost of our program is traveling expenses. To support more children, we need more resources and that is why we do something totally new and different to raise money and awareness.

Our goal is to raise enough money to supprot 2014's budget of 8 million yen.  This does not include  manpower expenses.  If we can exceed 8 million yen and can raise 10 million yen, we can support some of the volunteers who have been working 24/7  for the program.

Let's dance and support Fukushima kids!
*ZUMBA introduced on Japanese TV:
*Mom and child dancing ZUMBA:

Tentative schedule of ZUMBA PARTY with Jason/ March 2014
Mon.  March 10,  7-9pm @Tokyo
Tue. March 11,  7-9pm @Yokohama
Wed. March 12, 7-9pm @Osaka
Thu. March 13, 7-9pm @Kyoto
Fri. March 14, 6:30-8:30pm @Nagoya
Sat. Marh 15, 2-4pm @Tokyo
Sun. March 16, 10-12am @Shonan
       4-7pm@Hamakanaya, Chiba (in Yumi's talk show)
Tue. March 17, 2-4pm@ Kamogawa
Thu. March 19, 7-9pm @Tokyo (finale)

Would you like to join the party?
Send an e-mail to: rainfo☆☆with@)
In the title of the e-mail, please pick the date and city: ZUMBA March xx (date), xxxxx(city)
In the text, we need your name, how many people in your party and your phone number. 

In return, ZUMBA Party with JASON office will send you where the party is, party fee and where you send money to. (minimum fee is 3000 yen per person)

All the proceed go to Fukushima Kids Hawaii.  The 1st 1o people for each location will get a free one day pass to Pacific Island Fitness in Kona, Hawaii.

Please join the party to support Fukushima Kids Hawaii.