Thursday, January 23, 2014

ZUMBA Special Lesson (Jason Japan Tour) for Fukushima Kids

Aloha from Kona.  Fukushima Kids Hawaii presents ZUMBA --Jason Special Lesson to support children in Fukushima.

Fukushima Kids Hawaii has been inviting children from Fukushima to Hawaii (big island) for a healthy respite from radiation exposure. So far 18 people (15 children of age 2 to 17) came and spend a great and healing time in Hawaii.

Here is a link in Japanese:


Yumi Kikuchi wrote about it last year October in her blog (in Japanese):
She said, "I will do something totally new, something I have never done before to raise fund and awareness about Fukushima kids".

And this is it!

This March, starting March 10 to 19, Jason, a ZUMBA instructor@Pacific Island Fitness in Kona, will visit Japan for the first time, to instruct us how to dance fun steps of ZUMBA in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Shonan and Chiba.

Jason was born and raised in Kona and has been supportive of Fukushima Kids Hawaii together with another Japanese instructor Naomi, who taught Yumi ZUMBA.

The situation of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is quite critical and no one really knows how and when it is going to be concluded. It still emits radiation into environment daily but not much news about it.  The radiation already in our environment will  be there while we are alive to say the least, so we mean to continue Fukushima Kids Hawaii as long as we live.

People in Japan and Fukushima, in spite of all of what has been going on, give birth, raise children and they LIVE in more radioactive environment than before March 11, 2011.  We want those children live and grow in good health. This strong hope gave a birth to Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project, inviting children from Fukushima to Hawaii to experience a healthy respite from radiation. 

So far, Fukushima Kids Hawaii invited 7 people in summer 2013 for a month, 8 people in winter 2013~14 for 2 weeks, and housed 3 people at Fukushima Kids Hawaii House for 2 months, with children age 2 to 17 (plus chaperons and a mother). This summer 2014, we meant to increase the number of kids to 10 plus 2 chaperons. (this means more funding is needed)

At Fukushima Kids Hawaii House, we are now inviting 3 families (mothers and children) and we are able to support the airfares up to 100,000 yen per child.  Please spread the good news to your connection in Fukushima and around if you know any mothers and children!

The biggest cost of our program is traveling expenses. To support more children, we need more resources and that is why we do something totally new and different to raise money and awareness.

Our goal is to raise enough money to supprot 2014's budget of 8 million yen.  This does not include  manpower expenses.  If we can exceed 8 million yen and can raise 10 million yen, we can support some of the volunteers who have been working 24/7  for the program.

Let's dance and support Fukushima kids!
*ZUMBA introduced on Japanese TV:
*Mom and child dancing ZUMBA:

Tentative schedule of ZUMBA PARTY with Jason/ March 2014
Mon.  March 10,  7-9pm @Tokyo
Tue. March 11,  7-9pm @Yokohama
Wed. March 12, 7-9pm @Osaka
Thu. March 13, 7-9pm @Kyoto
Fri. March 14, 6:30-8:30pm @Nagoya
Sat. Marh 15, 2-4pm @Tokyo
Sun. March 16, 10-12am @Shonan
       4-7pm@Hamakanaya, Chiba (in Yumi's talk show)
Tue. March 17, 2-4pm@ Kamogawa
Thu. March 19, 7-9pm @Tokyo (finale)

Would you like to join the party?
Send an e-mail to: rainfo☆☆with@)
In the title of the e-mail, please pick the date and city: ZUMBA March xx (date), xxxxx(city)
In the text, we need your name, how many people in your party and your phone number. 

In return, ZUMBA Party with JASON office will send you where the party is, party fee and where you send money to. (minimum fee is 3000 yen per person)

All the proceed go to Fukushima Kids Hawaii.  The 1st 1o people for each location will get a free one day pass to Pacific Island Fitness in Kona, Hawaii.

Please join the party to support Fukushima Kids Hawaii.

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