Sunday, October 19, 2014

Launched IndieGOGO Campaign for Fukushima Kids Hawaii Winter Program

I just launched the IndieGOGO campaign to help Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project 4.  Hope  you can share this site to your friends so that we can reach the goal.

By donating to our campaign, you are helping health and lives of Fukushima children directly and you are also contributing raising awareness of general public about radiation and health (there are a lot of things we can do to enhance our immune power despite the environmental contamination, including radiation, which we will teach Fukushima children).  The respite from radiation exposure is very important and benefitial for the health of the children living in radioactive environment constantly.
  The 12 Fukushima children age 9 to 18 will be coming with 2 chaperons, and their experience in Hawaii will impact rest of their lives as they will be equipped  with the knowledge of Japanese natural healing method and natural food (including how to prepare the food). They will be give Kangen water daily for detox and revitalize.
  We have managed 3 programs so far successfully, with 48 people (32 kids and 12 adults) attended our summer/winter programs (20 people) or stayed at Fukushima Kids Hawaii House(28 people) as of Oct 2014.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Mahalo, mahalo!

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