Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Started Indiegogo Fundraising: Inviting Fukushima Children to a healthy respite in Hawai'i

This is the first time I ever try this. I do not know how it works, but I have a reason to raise money for Fukushima Kids even more so than ever.

I am inviting you to a public event to meet the kids. Bring your friend and family as it is a free event. (I hope to have enough fund raised by Indiegogo)

Last week after the great success of Support Fukushima Kids Day and 3 garage sales, I counted all the money including small changes and separated money for each event, put it in different envelope and calculated the total and put them in a large brown envelope.

The next day, that brown envelope disappeared from our house.

I am afraid it was stolen by someone who knows we were fundraising. I did have many strangers in the house for the garage sale as we displayed nicer items inside the house.

When I realize money we raised was gone, I cried.
I sobbed for a few hours and was depressed for days.
I was so sorry and discouraged that I did not know how to tell all the friends who helped me to raise money.

They all worked so hard.
 I am grateful for them and this is what I have to tell them?
The money is stolen now?

But now that 7 children and 1 chaperon from Fukushima are arriving on Dec 21, 2013, I have no time to cry but to do what I can to raise money for them again.

What is gone is the money, $2600, but all the love and care I received for Fukushima Kids is intact. It is still with me and that is important.

$2600 is a lot for me. I guess it is a lot for anyone when the money is not yours but it is the money for Fukushima Kids we raised together. So many people, especially mothers worked and helped.

I am so sorry it is gone now.  Please help me to regain what I lost and support the Fukushima kids.

Mahalo for reading my blog to the end. Your support is invaluable.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Support Fukushima Kids Day: Nov.30, 2013@Hualalai Academy (Kona, Hawaii)

We made a local news in West Hawaii Today!

Join us on Saturday, November 30, 2013@Hualalai Academy for SUPPORT FUKUSHIMA KIDS DAY:  3pm Dance Party, 7pm Concert, all day (3-9pm) Silent Auction.

Do you like to dance?
If so, you can join us for 90 minutes of ZUMBA steps by Pacific Island Fitness instructors and others.
Tickets are sold at Pacific Island Fitness ZUMBA classes by the instructors.  Starting 3pm!

Do you like music?
Then you can come to the classic concert featuring Yumi Kikuchi, a flutist and co-founder of Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project, accompanied by Annu Shionoya.  Starting 7pm, playing beautiful classical tunes that you know!

Both tickets are $10, and at the door $15.  So, get the ticket(s).  I am looking for volunteers who will sell tickets for this events.

Are you a local artist who can donate your work for the silent auction?  Or are you an art collector who can donate some of your collection to support the Fukushima Kids?

If so, please call 334-9616 (Yumi).  Gift certificate to the local restaurants are very popular item for the auction, so, I love getting them, too.

The details are in the flyer. I look forward to your participating any way you can. If you can print it out and put it in your favorite shops, that is a great help.  I need every help I can get and you can think of as this mission is so important for the survival and health of Fukushima children.

Mahalo nui loa for your support in advance.
To donate on line for this project, you can go to:

Please let us know by e-mail that you donated for Fukushima Kids Hawaii.

To get involved, wanting tickets, writing about it, needing more information:
call 808-334-9616 (Yumi or Gen)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Let's GIve Fukushima Kids Time in Hawaii: Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project

 To go to Japanese site, click here.

Latest News, please help spread! :  Today(Jun 24) at 7pm, Yumi will give a FLUTE and TALK SHOW@Hokutopia (Oji station, JR or Nan-Boku Line) to announce FKHP. 

Yumi's podcast by Fairewinds Energy Education on Fukushima Kids.

Japanese mothers, Mayumi, Yumi and Shunko (from left to right) are inviting your participation and support for Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project. 

       photo by Gen Morita, taken at Ginger Hill Farm, Kealakekua, Hawaii.
We, the mothers of Japan and Hawaii launched Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project (FKHP) in a joint effort to bring children in Fukushima to Hawaii during their school breaks (summer, winter and spring).

Since March 11, 2011 earthquake and nuclear power plants accidents, 300,000 children in Fukushima have been constantly exposed to high level radiation.  In some areas of Fukushima, the levels of radiation are higher than that of Chernobyl. Our priority as mothers is always safety and health of children and we wished to do something, which resulted in the birth of this project.

The children are going to spend one month (Group A including some handicapped children:  July 19~Aug 20, Group B: July 24~Aug 20, 2013) here in Hawaii during their summer holidays. It is our intention to continue this project until such effort becomes unnecessary. Those children are invited to stay at Ginger Hill Farm of "Goddess" artist Mayumi Oda,  Hue Hue Ranch,  Puna Kamali'i Flowers and other individual homes in Kailua Kona and Hilo as well as Honolulu for extra few days.  We want the children to enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables of Hawaii, playing freely outside with local kids, and swimming in the ocean of Hawaii without any concerns about radiation.

Imagine your child is not allowed to play outside freely or refrain from swimming in the ocean.... That is the situation which those children are in. Let's give them a break from radiation exposure and let them have fun time in the nature of Big Island of Hawaii.  With your support, this will become the reality.

We are now raising a fund for the airfare of 15 children, which is about 40,000 USD.  I AM-CED is our umbrella non-profit organization to receive tax deductible donations:

Send check payable to
P.O.Box 692
Pacifica, CA 94044
*please write "For Fukushima Kids" on the check to indicate that the donation is specifically for this project.

I am greatly grateful to you for your compassion in action.

Yumi Kikuchi, co-founder
Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project @Kona, Harmonics Life Center, Hawaii

For more information, please send an e-mail to or call at 808-334-9616.

Japanese site here.