Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Please Sponsor a Child to Fly from Fukushima to Kona/ A NEW WEBSITE for FUKUSHIMA KIDS HAWAII

We have opened a Fukushima Kids Hawaii House September 2013, a shelter for children (babies) and mothers from Fukushima.  Some children of Fukushima have been exposed to radiation higher than the level of Chernobyl and some have already developed thyroid cancer.

The Fukushima Kids Hawaii House is located in a quiet residential area of Kona and  has 3 bed rooms.  We offer free stay for 3 families (a mother and a child or 2) for up to 3 months. Staying is free for the family and we request a one month or longer stay as our aim is detox and restoration of the health.

But the sad thing is they can not afford to fly to Kona as airfare is more than they can afford. We have more inquiries than we can support (we have been giving $1000 per child to fly here).

If only someone can sponsor a child for the airfare, more children can come and stay at Fukushima Kids Hawaii House.

So, I wonder if you know someone (or can it be you?) who can sponsor a child (or children) flying from Fukushima to Kona?  $1000 to sponsor a child to fly from Japan to Kona.

This is a photo of the children who were staying at Fukushima Kids House in March.
We housed 5 children and 3 mothers last month, we are so happy about our accomplishment (A mother and 2 children are staying till Jun 11).  Those kids are so cute and friendly and I love them all!  They should not be living in the radiation at all.  They deserve to live and grow in healthy environment.

What do you think about our government letting those children live in high (such as 20 mSV/year or more) radioactive area of Fukushima even today?  Our standard before March 11, 2011 was 1 mSV/year. Now the standard is 20 times higher and I can not accept that.

Babies and children are more susceptible to radiation than adults, so until they grow up, they should be living in no or less radioactive area.

Please contact me directly: 808-756-8946 if you are willing to sponsor a child (or children)



I spent 2 days (as I have no clue about web designs etc.) to make Fukushima Kids Hawaii's website using WIX website builder.

It looks quite good I think (for someone who has no experience).  What do you think?

I would love to have support from someone who can help the website and donation button, etc.  I also would like support on launching a crowd funding so that our effort can be more effective for Fukushima Kids!!!

Mahalo for sharing this blog to your friends. That is a big help, too!

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