Saturday, July 25, 2015

10 have arrived in Kona safely, staying 1 month for Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project 5

10 people from Fukushima are here (July 21 till Aug 19) for Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project 5 "Huehue Summer School".  In the school, they learn how to farm, how to harvest and cook meals from the harvest, to practice BePeace, to learn about Harmonics Healing (natural healing method based on Kai-Igaku from Japan), and to learn different Hawaiian traditions.

This is only the 4th day and we have done so much!!

To cover the cost of hosting 10 people for 1 month here in Hawaii, we are still short $8000 for this summer's program.  We plan three more fundraising effort.

1. July 25 (tomorrow) from 9-12am, Garage Sale at Fukushima Kids House
 75-286 Hoene Street, Kailua Kona

2. Aug 9 Classis concert, Vivaldi Four Seasons by Ursula at 4pm@Hawaiian Queen Coffee Garden

3. Aug 15 Ukulele Contemporary by Kris Fushigami with dinner  at 6pm@Pu'u Wa'a Wa'a Ranch

Your support of spreading this information is greatly appreciated.  We can continue our mission only with your cooperation.

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