Saturday, July 25, 2015

Harvest, Cooking, Learning, Exploring: Photos from July 21-23

I selected some photos I took from Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project 5 "Summer School@Huehue Ranch". Finally I have a bit of space to do this.

Today, we are going to fundraise by Garage Sale at Fukushima Kids House. If you happen to live in Kona, please come and support our mission by buying something you need or making donation.  All the kids will be there from 9 am to noon.

From ginger hill farm. We made "Mame Gohan" from this. (rice and beans)

Bananas are from Huehue Ranch and Ginger Hill Farm.

Lycées are from Ikea-san, who is in charge of Meet N Eat.

Rice and Beans with Daikon leaves and sesame seeds. Delicious.

Everyday, a lot of fresh fruits!  and of course, green smoothie with Kale from Fukushima Kids House and Huehue Ranch

Ample salad with each meal. Even dressings are made from scratch each time.

Tombo ahi and Marline marinaded in Shio-koji (fermented salt rice malt)

Off course, miso soup with seaweeds (wakame, konbu) and a lot of root vegetables like daikon, carrots, sweet potatoes etc.

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